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Your Automotive Repair and Restoration Specialist in Colorado Springs Colorado

I have spent my life in the world of Automotive Repair and Restoration. In fact some of my earliest memories are my dad lifting me up, putting me on the fender of the family car, and teaching me what all the parts of the car are and how they work together.  He got that from his dad.  There has been a Rickabaugh working on cars from the “Tin Lizzy” on.

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Now with over 35 years experience under my belt I can offer you a full range of restoration services.

Services include but are not limited to; Rotisserie body restoration

Panel fabrication

Rust repair

Metal finishing (the process of removing dents without filler)

Lead filler

Frame and Unibody repair

Custom paint

Complete disassembly, Inventory, and reassembly of your car or truck

Design to include art work

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